Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Conception through to childbirth,
As a hen bird on the nest,
Nine months growing in the womb
Mothers know their children best.
The crying sounds that we make,
Like the bleating of a lamb,
Every cry, the mother knows
When to feed and when to calm.

The nights we leave you sleepless,
When we're causing such a fuss,
'though you're still tired by daybreak,
What would you do without us?
When our first teeth are showing,
You'll realise, for us, it's sore
And as we get frustrated
We start to cry much more.

The next thing that is noticed
By our mothers, as they clean,
Those tiny marks are caused by
Grubby hands on everything.
And though she starts complaining
'bout those hand prints everywhere,
Deep down she's really happy
We can put our markings there.

And then as we grow older
We begin to crawl and walk
Then listening to our parents,
We commence our 'baby talk'
But as those sounds develop,
Soon distinctive words, we hear,
It's then we realise that
We are talking, very clear.

Then as the years go faster,
We leave home and go to school,
By learning the "three 'R's" we
Show our parents, we're no fool.
Our school days soon are over,
To employment we do go,
It's then we realise
The world is not our 'amigo'.

But as each day is passing,
We grow older, day by day,
And soon the 'role reversal'
Will be coming into play.
The time is fast approaching
When we, our parents will care,
They need to be looked after,
They are such a special pair.

A life to us they've given
They've given us of their best,
So mother and dear father
It's now time you took your rest.
You've done so much for your kin,
It is time we cared for you.
All our life you have loved us,
So we say 'we love you', too.