Monday, 30 September 2013

Birthday greeting

(added to the verse on the birthday card)

Looked through a few
As I thought of you,
I really have been blest,
This said it all,
From your friend Col.
These sentiments were best.

So H.B.D.
To you, from me,
Youre one I wont forget,
With hugs and love
From up above,
Thats north, - not in Heaven yet.

Monday, 16 September 2013


          So what's your best achievement,
          Nigh four decades have passed,
          The thing that makes you oh so proud,
          To make your name to last?
          For some it's their accomplishments
          Or academic gain,
          Still others, the career they chose,
          Which kept you all so sane.
          Perhaps it's working hard and sore,
          Which enabled you to thrive,
          While paying in, so you could gain
          That "Freedom fifty five".
          For me, it's nothing that I did
          That I am pleased to say,
          But something that was done TO me
          Which makes me proud today.
         The syndrome that I had from birth,
         Preventing living full,
         Some of you may have witnessed it
         But thought I was a fool.
         I couldn't be a teacher
         While standing 'top the class
         If I took ill those pupils would
         Have thought I was an ass.
         A fireman, nurse, policeman
         Were doors slammed in my face,
         So why get a diploma
         To watch them, me abase?
         So trudging on, I laboured sore,
         Though suff'ring woe and grief,
         Wondering if there was in sight
         A sign of some relief.
         The greatest moment in my life
         Now twenty two years free,
         I was anaesthetised for my
         Prefrontal lobotomy.
         For thirty two long tiring years
         Those seizures I endured,
         Preventing me from 'living'
         BUT I'm thrilled that I've been cured.

         Ten hours under the scalpel,
         But I came through, with prayer,
         Then weaning off the mass of pills
         I'd had, - it seems, for e'er.
         I have the dent upon my skull
         At present, hid by hair
         But should that fall I'll not be 'shamed
         To tell why it is there.
         So YES, it's proved, I HAVE a brain
         They found it, I'll confess,
         But hyphen is a MUST for this,
         When I say, I'm brain - less.