Sunday, 6 November 2016

That's "Gib"

That's Gib

Generous and caring

Displaying love and cheer,

Witty yet affectionate,

In our hearts, you're held dear.

Loved with many friendships,

No matter where you'd go,

Never, since I met you,

Did I e'er see a foe.

You showed appreciation

For simple acts of care,

The fact that you've been taken,

It just seems so unfair.

We'll miss your caring outlook,

Your witty, cheery stance,

To tell how much we loved you,

Alas, some missed the chance.

Though now you're reunited

With Tina by your side,

Her passing tore your heart out,

That love, you could not hide.

It grieves us all to ponder

Why you were meant to part,

Though you're not in our presence,

 You'll aye be in our heart.

                                                          Colin Ross

Farewell my friend