Thursday, 25 August 2011

Golden Memories

It may just seem like yesterday
When Fred did Wilma woo,
But really, all those yesteryears
Have totalled quite a few.

We see a young Miss Weber
In finery so grand,
Stand side by side with Frederick,
And vow to take his hand.

In sickness, health and poverty
And these we'll all have known,
Bonded Fred to Wilma
And seeds of love were sown.

You raised up three fine daughters
Who've families of their own
And they have handed down the love
That you, to them, have shown.

Congratulations are on order,
As now we can behold,
The Wylie - Weber Union
Has finally reached the Gold.

Friday, 22 July 2011


At last I've reached retirement age,
My working days are done,
But I am still quite young at heart
Not to miss out on fun.

The boys are educated now
And that is a relief,
If only they would hurry up
And find themselves a wife.

Stephen is a solicitor,
Mark, an aspiring judge,
Now maybe Frank and I will get
Our home in quaint Banbridge.

Perhaps we'll get to travelling
That surely is no sin
I'll go back to those Turkish Baths
With Kitty, Frank and Jim.

So no more on the night shift,
That really was a curse,
But on the whole I think I've been
A pretty good nightnurse.

So now that I'm retiring, I'll
Take things a little slower,
I will have time to sit and muse
And think of work no more.
Yes, I'll have time to sit and muse
Or help Frank with the mower.

However, after all's been said,
My uniform's still out,
For knowing Sarah Wallace well
I'll be called back, no doubt.

Farewell to Marie

"Goodbye", it seems so final,
And yes, we've said a few,
But never did we think that we
Would say 'Goodbye' to you

Eight years of service given
And always with a smile,
Ne'er a cross word spoken,
It's really not your style.

Ne'er a cross word spoken,
But that is not to say
Ne'er a crossword finished
If Marie had her way.

We don't know how we'll manage,
We really hate to nag,
But whate'er will poor Sam do
If no one clears his bag?

Matronhood, it beckons
And all that we can say
Is Burnbrae's loss is Ashwood's gain
Now Marie's going away.

So farewell to nurse Marie,
We'll ever think of you,
But 'goodbye' seems so final,
So we'll just say "adieu"

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Spring is...............

What is Spring daddy, what is Spring?
What's it mean when birdies sing?
Why do flowers rise from the ground?
Where can butterflies be found?


Spring is......... laughter in the air,
Lovers walking without a care,
New born lambs a-skipping free,
Flowers budding in the lea.

Spring is......... brighter, longer days,
Cloudless skies, perhaps heat haze,
Birds that sing in morning sky,
Butterflies that flutter by.

Spring is....... grass that'll ever grow,
Bringing out the mower to mow,
Roses that we'll need to prune,
But maybe that will wait 'til June.

Spring is....... knowing Winter's past,
Summer's coming, very fast,
Natural flowers growing wild,
This is Spring, my dearest child.

Spring Up and Down

Summer's over, next the Fall
Then dark Winter days and all
The rain, the sleet, snow and blow,
With nothing on the earth to show
The splendid beauty that will ring
With the coming of the Spring.
But deep below, the earth's alive,
Anticipatingly, a hive
Of growing expectation,
Spring flowers in their elation,
Their roots and shoots are sending forth
New life and hope of brighter days
With glowing colour and sun's warm rays.
The snowdrop, crocus, tulip, 'dil,
Are sending forth their heads, to fill
Our gardens, be they large or small,
With radiance that our eyes enthral
And soon the birds will flutter by,
Perhaps Red Admirals espy.
But with this beauty comes the chores
Of hours of toil spent out of doors,
Removing flowers that wildly grow
And then the lawn we have to mow.
The shears and mowers alone wont work
But these are chores that we can't shirk
If we a garden glorious show
Flowers, that with radient splendour, grow.
But after all the toil is done
And there is no more radient sun,
The leaves, autumnal colours, turn
And mowers, to the shed adjourn.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Her eyes, they don't see colour,
Her world is black and white,
But she has the advantage
Of seeing all, at night.

She doesn't understand much,
But then, she's still no fool,
For anything she has learnt,
Has not been taught at school.

She's innocence personified,
A joy to watch at play,
A quiet, shy companion,
Of sunshine, she's a ray.

Her conversation's limited,
In fact, if truth be heard,
She only has a repertoire
Of one quite simple word.

Her day is most spent sleeping,
Or doing this or that,
And if you haven't guessed by now,
This female is........................... my cat.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


The headlines read "It's Over"
But we are not so sure,
Is this another tactic,
Another means to lure
Us into false security,
To break the barrier down,
A means to get what they think
Is theirs, by right, to own?

The troops are moving out now,
But this just brings to mind
Echoes of their old demands,
"Troops out", 'out of our land'.
They've got their first concession,
But STILL, they demand more,
"Open up cross-border roads
To the state they were before"

The Irish and Americans
Think the solution will be theirs,
If only they would learn to keep
Out of British affairs.
They get still more concessions,
But what have they to give?
They could yield up their weapons
And let their country's men live

But no!, 'Negotiations' is all they have in mind,
And they are not prepared to wait
'Til a settlement is signed.
So for our children's children
A solution we must find.

Monday, 11 July 2011


Bombing, shooting, murdering thugs,
Living a violent life,
Permanently maiming
With their bitter, angry strife.
A quarter of a century
With nothing but this war,
I wonder if we'll ever see
The way it was before
A ceasefire, though not permanent,
A taste of freedom given,
Normality is reigning,
Is this what's known as heaven?
Talks about talks are starting,
Decommissioning must take place
Weapons no longer needed,
Return them with good grace
People now are coming
To visit our wee land
Jobs are in the prospect
If tourism will expand.
We like what we have tasted,
We all must take a stance
And not return to violence
But just give this a chance

Sunday, 10 July 2011


There they sit in solitude
What's going on in their mind?
A treasure chest of knowledge
Of a very different kind.

Years of vast experience.
Has it all been in vain?
To find themselves alone here,
Oft' despondent, oft' in pain.

But though they're in their own world
Not knowing time or day,
They show signs of contentment,
Though their minds will often stray.

With memories of good old days,
Re-living days long past,
They're in their second childhood
Though their years have gone so fast.

But who are we to grumble
About this aged race?
In thirty, twenty years hence,
We may well be in their place.

Care for them with thoughtfullness
And cherish them with love,
You too will find contentment
'Til you reach your home above.


Ten thousand miles across the world,
So far and yet so near,
From rising sun to where it sets,
Remember "I AM" here.

Though times you may feel lonely,
And you miss your friends so dear,
Just turn and talk to Jesus,
Remember, He is near.

When language seems a burden,
And you miss the A-Z.
Communication's vital,
Remember what He said.

"With you I will be always
Until the end of time"
Don't think that He'll desert you,
Remember, He's sublime.

When satan gets too tight a grip
And you need him kept at bay,
You'll always have one weapon,
Remember, you can pray.

Your family life's a witness,
On that, you'll be judged too,
By those within that nation, but
Remember, He's with you.

So when you feel downhearted
Remember that we care,
And though we're half a world away,
Remember, He is there.

Our Mary

'Twas in the year of '89,
A century ago,
A little baby girl was born
In Springburn, near Glasgow.

Now this wee girl, with kith and kin,
To Ulster's shores did come,
Years later she was married,
And soon became a mum.

With boys and girls, this 'girl' was blest,
She did have quite a few,
She had so many children,
She didn't know what to do.

Now this 'wee girl''s a mother,
A grandma, even great,
And all her kin are loved by her,
In her world, there's no hate.

Today it is her birthday,
She's one hundred years and three,
And so this ode is sent to say
"Happy Birthday" Our Mary.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Belated Birthday II

O Lindsay O Lindsay
Just look what we've done,
Your birthday has passed us,
A card? - we sent none

We both had our books out
We're studying hard,
Your birthday did pass us
With no birthday card

We hope you'll forgive us
For being so late,
When this card arrives at
Your parents front gate.

'Twas late in the evening
Of your cousin's day,
It dawned on us.....LINDSAY !!!!
She's just had her day.

I guess, since your brother,
His card was late too,
A po-em we sent him,
We'd send one to you.
We do hope that next year
We'll send one on time,
I'll not have to think up
Another new rhyme.

Belated Birthday [To the tune of 'Oh Christmas tree]

O Jonathan, O Jonathan,
What have we done forgetting you?
Although we have a birthday book,
I must admit, we did not look.
We hope you had a lovely day,
Though we forgot, what can we say,
O Jonathan, O Jonathan,
What have we done forgetting you?

O Jonathan, O Jonathan,
Your uncle Colin and aunt Liz
Are really very sorry now,
We did forget, we don't know how.
Although your birthday passed us by,
We hope you did not start to cry
When there was no card in the post,
From 'cross the water, near the coast.

So Jonathan, dear Jonathan,
We hope this po-em will suffice,
That you'll not mind this being late,
Arriving at your dad's front gate.
We hope this will not hap'n again,
Especially next year, when you're ten,
O Jonathan, O Jonathan,
What did we do forgetting you?

{and the next year}
O Jonathan O Jonathan,
We hope this has arrived on time,
We did recall your birthday date,
Remember last year? - we were late.
You are in double figures now,
Is that a wrinkle on your brow?
This time there only is one verse,
These rhymes seem to be getting worse.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Those Golden Years

Love is how it started,
A happy youthful pair,
Making vows together,
Each other, for to care.

Times, though hard and stressful,
Together, you pulled through,
Standing by each other
Proved your love was true.

Now you have a family,
With boys, you have been blest,
They have added to your life
A purpose and a zest.

So this love that started
Has been with you for aye,
Now you're celebrating
Your Golden Wedding day.


C is for the Cheerful time you'll have upon this isle,
U refers to this hotel, the Ultimate in style,
L denotes Locality, it's rated at 'A-plus',
H is for the Handiness, to train or town or bus,
A is for the Atmosphere, a friendly homely kind,
M denotes the four course Meals prepared with you in mind.

L refers to Lifestyle, with you, it should agree,
O is for Outstanding, there's no better place to be,
D is for the Decor,  immaculate in every way
G denotes the Greeting that will make you want to stay
E is Everything above to make your holiday.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Purpose Of Life

These days of unemployment,
When you feel there's nought to do,
You may think 'my life is worthless'
"And the jobs o'er here are few"
But though you've no employment
You can put your mind at ease,
You've been placed here for a purpose
The Creator for to please.

Just think of what He's given you,
Health and strength and daily food,
And if you stop and ponder,
You'll realise that He IS good.
Then, when you start to praise Him,
He will on you, blessings, pour,
Then you will realise that
Your life IS worth living for.

You can praise Him for the weather,
For the sunshine, wind and rain,
The elements essential
For the plants to bloom again.
And than praise Him for your senses,
Taste, smell, feeling, sound and sight,
Then bow down and adore Him,
He's made everything aright.

And then your inner being,
Can you say about your soul
"I've been born again in Jesus"
"All is well, I've been made whole"
How can you say 'Life's worthless'
During this relaxing spell,
Can you say 'Life has no purpose?
Surely not, when all is well.

So Hallelujah Jesus,
Hallelujah to my Lord,
You've given me a purpose,
You've declared it through your word.
I love you Lord and Saviour,
I give praise for all you've done,
You've given my life a purpose,
Through the death of your dear son.


I come home in the evenings
To a shell of brick and stone,
There's no one here to greet me,
You see, I'm all alone.

I have no friends or brethern,
No sisters,cousins, kin,
No wife to love or care for,
No one of my own skin.

This house is cold and dreary
With no one here but me.
The fire has turned to cinders,
The ash is flying free.

It wasn't always like this,
Though oft' it brings a tear,
I vaguely can remember
When times weren't quite so drear.

The years when I was married
Before my wife passed on,
Then, I'm brought back down to earth
And realise, she has gone.

But what's the point in pondering?,
It will not bring her back'
So I'll just sit alone here,
In this deserted shack.

Stay with me

Stay with me,
Lest I stray from thee,
Oh stay here by my side,
In your love may I hide.

Stay with me,
Let love be the key,
 May agape be mine,
And through me, let love shine.

Stay with me,
May men always see
You living through my life
Through peaceful times and strife.

Stay with me,
May you always be
With me through every day,
Oh Jesus with me stay,
Stay with me,


A friend is one who'll aid you,
When needed, they'll be there,
Will comfort you through sorrow,
Someone who says "I care"

A true friend is trustworthy
A secret, they'll not tell,
And should your health e'er fail you,
Will comfort you, till well.

Nothing will be a burden
To those who true friends are,
A 'thank-you' wont be needed,
Though'n this point, you may jar.

True friendship is like honey,
Be friends with each other
But there is aye a friend who
Sticks closer than a brother.

Wedding Blessings

Two lives together blend,
Upon the Lord depend,
These wishes we do send,
May God bless you.

You are a special pair,
We pray that you may ne'er
Omit to show your care
May God bless you.

May you with love be blest,
For living, have a zest,
In His love may you rest,
May God bless you.

So may you show your love,
Be peaceful, as a dove
With blessings from above,
May God bless you.


Conception through to childbirth,
As a hen bird on the nest,
Nine months growing in the womb,
Mothers know their children best.
The crying sounds that we make,
Like the bleating of a lamb,
Every cry, the mother knows
When to feed and when to calm.

The nights we leave you sleepless
When we're causing such a fuss,
'Though you're still tired by daybreak
What would you do without us?
When our first teeth are showing
You'll realise, for us, it's sore
And as we get frustrated,
We start to cry once more.

And then, as we grow older,
We begin to crawl and walk,
Then listening to our parents
We commence our 'baby talk'
But as those sounds develop,
Soon distinctive words we hear,
And then we realise that
We are talking, very clear

The next thing that is noticed
By our mothers, as they clean,
Those tiny marks are caused by
Grubby hands, on everything.
And though she starts complaining
'Bout those handprints everywhere,
Deep down she's really happy
We can put our markings there.

Then as the years go faster
We leave home and go to school,
By learning the three 'R's' we
Show our parents, we're no fool.
Our school days soon are over
To employment we do go,
It's then we comprehend
The world is not our amigo

But as each day is passing,
We grow older day by day,
And soon the role reversal
Will be coming into play.
The time is fast approaching
When we our parents will care
They need to be looked after,
They are such a special pair.

A life to us they've given,
They've given us of their best,
So mother and dear father,
It's now time you had your rest.
You've done so much for your kin,
It is time we cared for you,
All our lives you have loved us,
So we say "we love you too".