Sunday, 20 January 2013

I love you dad.

I told my dad, while on his bed, assuming he did sleep,
In hospital, [he'd not come home] with tears my eyes did weep,
“I love you dad”
Then hugged him tight, while feebly he replied
THAT’S the thing I cherish, since he died.

With forty years age difference, while young, we were not close.
He wasn't very tactile and nor was he verbose,
But as we aged, did closer grow, in ways he’d show his love,
We’ll meet again, don’t know the ‘when’, – the ‘where’? – in Heaven above.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Kitten

We got a brand new kitten,
At three months old, - a 'tom'
And since the last was 'Sheeba'
We named him 'Solomon'
But had to make it shorter,
Though not as short as 'Mo'
So chose the first four letters.
Now he is called 'Solo'

Friday, 11 January 2013


                   This girl has been my partner,                  I have not known her very long,
                   My friend, most of my life,                       I know her through my mamma
                   But most of all, I’m proud to say             Quite soon though, I’ll be sharing her,
                   She’s my beloved WIFE.                       To me, she is my GRANDMA.

                   She’s there for all her family,                  We’ve known her various lengths of time
                   Like her, there is non other,                    On her we can depend,
                   A confidante and trusted pal                   We’ve worked, had fun and spent some time
                   To us, she is our MOTHER                  To us, she is a FRIEND.

                  We’ve loved her since before her birth,    So now this girl, who special is,
                  As any parent ought to,                            Her titles, she’ll defend,
                 We loved her then, we love her now,        Of  WIFE and MOTHER, DAUGHTER great,
                She is our precious DAUGHTER.            Of SISTER, GRANDMA, FRIEND.

                We might have had our differences,           But one more title she has earned,
                At times would not have missed her,         ’Twill last in years, just ten,
                But blood has ties that can’t be broke,       Since five decades have passed, she’s a
                She’ll always be our SISTER.                  QUINQUAGENARIAN
                                                                                                                           Colin Ross

ADIEU : Phil and Sharon

           Goodbye, It seems so final,
Through life we’ll say a few,
But really it is very hard
To say ‘Goodbye’ to you.

Now fifteen years of service,
We’ve grown in leap and bound,
With Bible based true preaching,
His Word was always found.

But now we must be parted,
Though pleased, our time we’ve had,
With you and Sharon leading,
To have known you, we’re all glad.

We know God’s hand is present,
He’ll lead and guide your way,
Especially as you trust him
And in His will obey.

So farewell Phil and Sharon,
We’ll often think of you,
But ‘Goodbye’ seems so final.
So we’ll just say ‘Adieu’.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

BETHANY & JOHN July 11th 2009

Tune: O Tannenbaum

We come today to celebrate,
The forming of a family,
We heard you vow to love, obey,
These vows you made so calmly.
Promised your love to ‘have and hold’
May this love blossom, ne’er grow cold
And may you in God’s will abide,
That He will bless you warmly.

     Congratulations we express,
        With joy that is eternal,
Peace for the future, hope, delight,
In these, your years so vernal,
So Beth and John we give to you
Support, as life you start anew,
Within our prayers you’ll ever be,
For blessings, all supernal.

So now you start as man and wife,
At times there’ll be frustrations,
Just take it to the Lord above,
That He will grant you patience,
And then in time we pray that you,
Some gifts from heaven will be due,
The Oleyar family will have grown,
here will be jubilations.
                                                Colin Ross

Kim's Tribute

       {To the tune Theme from a Summer Place}

Time, has come too soon,
When we must say ‘adieu’
To a girl we knew,
Who we love, who we adore,
She reads her score
with ease
And will never cease
to outshine
Like the sun.

We’re going to miss your charm,
With your outstretched arm
While you lead your men.

As we let you go
We’ll hide our tears for you,
Though ‘tis hard to do,
For your smile
Melts our hearts
All the while.

Now, the time is here,
We hope you will return
For our hearts will yearn
’Til we see your face anew
And hear you’ve come to stay
When our hearts like a
Candle's glim
Wont go dim
For our Kim.
                                                             Colin Ross

The Golden Years {Murray & June}

 The Golden Years

It was a simple gathering
Down at the I.G.C.
The first of  such assemblies
This growing church would see.

Attendants complimenting
The bride, in white arrayed,
Though eyes were all on Bonnie,
As cute ‘princess’ she  played.

So June, a young teenager,
With brother, Gord, beside,
Came down the aisle to Murray,
As his resplendent bride.

Now Murray had a ‘Skipper’
To tell him what to do,
To ensure his older brother
Would make his promise true.

And there, the Pastor Emmerson
United them in love,
In front of  friends and family,
Before their Lord above.

Then ‘next door’ they all sauntered,
To enjoy a simple meal,
The guests, with one intention,
Their wedding day to seal.

Now,  parents of three children,
Grand parents, - even ‘great’,
True love is e’er apparent,
In their world, there’s no hate.

As now we can behold,
The Green to Kuehl commitment,
Has finally reached the GOLD.
                                                Colin Ross

The Silver Years [Chris & Becky]

The thirty first of March
In nineteen eighty four
Rebecca Mitchell’s life was changed.
'Twas changed for evermore.

For that’s the day she married
The sweetheart of her life
Chris Perkins and Rebecca
     Became husband and wife.  

Now Chris’ taste is perfect
 The best would only do,
 And so a lass from Exeter
Was th’one he did pursue

 That’s not where he did meet her,
But here, in Waterloo, 
     Then at St. Michaels, Becky’s church,  
Is where they said “I do”

Rebecca sauntered down the aisle
Adorned in white, with veil,
And there she stood beside her love 
With grey top hat and tail.

It wasn’t always rosy,
For this big strapping hunk
Just ask his dear old mother
’Bout a run-in with a skunk.

Two daughters’ fine and dandy
A credit to you both
A bonus from your union
When you did pledge your troth

The years have hastily vanished
And so we give three cheers
The Mitchell / Perkins union
Has reached the silver years
                                      Colin Ross