Saturday, 11 June 2011


I come home in the evenings
To a shell of brick and stone,
There's no one here to greet me,
You see, I'm all alone.

I have no friends or brethern,
No sisters,cousins, kin,
No wife to love or care for,
No one of my own skin.

This house is cold and dreary
With no one here but me.
The fire has turned to cinders,
The ash is flying free.

It wasn't always like this,
Though oft' it brings a tear,
I vaguely can remember
When times weren't quite so drear.

The years when I was married
Before my wife passed on,
Then, I'm brought back down to earth
And realise, she has gone.

But what's the point in pondering?,
It will not bring her back'
So I'll just sit alone here,
In this deserted shack.