Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Purpose Of Life

These days of unemployment,
When you feel there's nought to do,
You may think 'my life is worthless'
"And the jobs o'er here are few"
But though you've no employment
You can put your mind at ease,
You've been placed here for a purpose
The Creator for to please.

Just think of what He's given you,
Health and strength and daily food,
And if you stop and ponder,
You'll realise that He IS good.
Then, when you start to praise Him,
He will on you, blessings, pour,
Then you will realise that
Your life IS worth living for.

You can praise Him for the weather,
For the sunshine, wind and rain,
The elements essential
For the plants to bloom again.
And than praise Him for your senses,
Taste, smell, feeling, sound and sight,
Then bow down and adore Him,
He's made everything aright.

And then your inner being,
Can you say about your soul
"I've been born again in Jesus"
"All is well, I've been made whole"
How can you say 'Life's worthless'
During this relaxing spell,
Can you say 'Life has no purpose?
Surely not, when all is well.

So Hallelujah Jesus,
Hallelujah to my Lord,
You've given me a purpose,
You've declared it through your word.
I love you Lord and Saviour,
I give praise for all you've done,
You've given my life a purpose,
Through the death of your dear son.