Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas Past

Gifts of gold, incense and myrrh
For that baby lying there
Were not gifts without much thought,
Significant references, they brought.

GOLD, for riches of a king,
Of properties e'erlasting ring,
To celebrate the Kingly birth,
Who came as man upon the earth.

FRANKINCENSE came from the east
For th'annointing of a priest,
This babe, a Prophet, Priest and King,
Eternal life for all to bring.

MYRRH was given, though bitter it's taste,
Preparing for the death to be faced,
The purpose of His life, - the Cross,
To save the world from eternal loss.

The media bombard with ads.,
Pushing forth the latest fads,
The parents now seem under stress,
They're spending more, though giving less.

Oh to live in bygone days
Though cash was scarce, with less in pays,
The children, then, were quite content
And knew what Christmas really meant