Saturday, 24 May 2014

Karges - Doerbecker

                   Karges - Doerbecker
                12th  June 1964 - 2014

Pausing for a moment, thinking of the years gone by, 
Astounded how they vanished, like the twinkling of an eye, 
Thankful for the memories, of  your family, friends so true,
Relying on your Maker to help to see you through,
In His love eternal, a life for Him you've lead,
Contented in the knowledge you are living, as He said,  
Infusing love eternal from deep within your soul,  
Always in amazement, at achieving this great goal.

Growing closer, deeper, morphing into one,
Love remaining fervent, with the rising of new sun,
Every blessing counted,  to each other, you belong,
Now five decades later, your zeal remains as strong.