Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Golden Years : 12th June 1964 - 2014

The Golden Years
12th  June 1964 - 2014

The setting was a country church,
Euphoric and dignified,
The second Friday of the month,
There came a young June bride.

She sauntered slowly down the aisle,
In radiant white, was she,
Preceded by her bridesmaids,
Her flower girl made that three.

Beth, Gail and Linda entered,
Adorned in fine mint green,
Thereafter, came Patricia,
'Twas the finest sight e'er seen.

While waiting at the altar,
Escorted by his three,
Stood Glen, Ross, Carl and Murray,
Glen's face conveying glee.

Then there, the young Pat Karges,
In finery so grand,
Stood proud with Glen Doerbecker,
And vowed to take his hand.

In sickness, health and poverty,
All these you will have known,
Glen and Pat were bonded
And seeds of love were sown.

So now, this love that started,
Has been with you for aye,
Hence you are celebrating

Your Golden Wedding day.