Saturday, 2 August 2014

He did it for me

He did it for you,
He did it for me,
Came down from on high,
To die on a tree.

He bore all my burden
In tense agony,
Took all of my guilt,
Though sinless was He.

Took ALL of my guilt,
For He could foresee
Each time I'd rebel
And not bend the knee.

His love is so fervent,
I know you'll agree,
His promise is true,
You can guarantee.

He came, not in fury
To judge, but to plea,
His life, our redemption,
He saved one like me.

So thank you  my Jesus
Your love set me free,
And how can I show it?
Just live true to thee.

So let us remember
The cross at Calvary,
He did it for you,
He did it for me.