Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Update to my home Church 'Family' 12/2012

Though miles have come between us
By choice, I must concur,
‘Tis great to hear what’s happening
To our ‘family’ over there.

It helps when I am pondering
Of days, seems long ago,
The people I grew up with,
The folk I got to know.

You think of time as motionless,
That all things stay the same,
Reality soon kicks into gear,
We cannot, that, proclaim.

O’er nine years since we left you,
Six, since we first returned,
Fond memories of o’er forty years,
In my heart, have been burned.

Those cannot be deleted,
I wouldn’t want to try,
You’ll be part of our ‘family’
Until the day I die.

Even THEN, we’ll be united
In that gathering up above,
When things will NOT be changing,
We all will know true love.

Things haven’t changed extensively
From last update you read,
Still caring for my clients,
To earn my daily bread.

I always have liked singing,
And hence, I must declare,
I’ve joined the Police Chorus,
A year now, I’ve been there,

It’s fun, when we are traveling
In uniform, to sing,
See someone drive, on mobile phone,
It’s not the legal thing.

One ‘toot’ and they look over,
The Police badge, they do see,
Quite quickly they hang up their call,
See ‘power’, but see not me.

The internet is priceless
It keeps us on a limb
What would have taken weeks to learn
We hear in just a whim.

Though we cannot be o’er there,
We’ll have to cut our losses,
And aye give thanks for having you,
As ‘family’, love, the Rosses.