Saturday, 24 November 2012


The second day of February,
The year of  '39,
When Mrs. Coleman had a girl
Her number one, in line.

She grew up in the country,
Down Ballyronan way,
And by the lough with siblings young,
This little girl did play.

She has a grown up family,
And they have offspring too,
'If only our Patricia
Would find someone to woo'

Although she is a great nurse,
A vet she'll never make,
Just ask about the budgerigar
Whose poor old leg did break.

She has a lovely handbag,
Like every other lass,
Just don't ask what she had in hers
That Sunday, during mass.

Whenever she was younger,
She loved to have a dance,
To get those joints a-moving now,
She'd need put in a trance.

She's always nice and slender,
And never on a diet,
But her cholesterol can be good
Or sometimes just run riot.

So now it's 1999
And years have passed, three score,
So happy birthday Eileen
And here's to sixty more.