Saturday, 24 November 2012


'Twas in the year of '34
A cold and wintry morn,
When Ballygawley had a birth,
A little girl was born.

She started out at nursing
Way back in '53
Reflecting back on 'good old days'
She had some times of glee.

She headed off to England
To be a young midwife,
But heartstrings called her back to where
She started out her life.

At nursing, she's an expert,
But teaching's not her call,
The elocution lessons
Helped Sarah - not at all.

She loves to go out dining
Or on a spending spree,
She'll still look after number 1
When money's not so free.

Today it is her birthday
And really, you can't tell
That sixty four has passed her by,
'Cause she looks frightfully well.


'Cause she looks frightfully well.