Friday, 23 November 2012

Wedding Poem July 17 '98

Just a few short verses
To wish this happy pair
The best of wishes for their life,
A life they now must share.

To me, William's a stranger,
But as the song does go,
'A stranger's really just a friend'
A friend you do not know.

Now William came to Brian
To ask to take a vow, then
He and Aileen would be known
As Mr. & Mrs. Lowdon.

I appreciate your surname
Is spelt with 'O' not 'E'
But pronouncing Lowdon with the 'O'
Didn't rhyme, poetically.

Music plays a primary role
For Aileen, day to day,
So on this note, I've some advice,
Here's what I have to say,

Live your lives in unison,
Let love be ever poured,
Two lives that blend in harmony
But never in dischord.

Never let your love grow cold
Or let your temper fray,
Don't Bb, Don't B#
B natural, - that's okay.

Another key that you might need
Is key of A, Ab,
But then my understanding is
That William's holding that.

But really William, you have found
A truely gorgeous bride,
Someone to love and care for you
Wherever you may bide

And likewise Aileen, you have found
A man who you'll be proud of,
A man who'll give to you his all,
Who'll furnish you with his love.

So now that Aileen's fled the nest,
That just leaves our wee Fi.,
And the day that she does choose her man,
Will be a day of glee.

Then Brian and Joyce will be alone,
But I think they'll survive,
And eagerly await the day when
The grandchildren will arrive.

But then as they grow older,
And there's two or three wee wean,
They'll eagerly await the hour
When they'll all 'gae hame' again.

So William, one word in your ear,
Please let it not be said,
You have the dreaded 'mum-in-law'
Now that you are wed.

I hope your mum-in-law's like mine,
An angel on the wing,
Up in the air, she always is,
Harpin' on about something.

So Aileen, "ma William" and you,
Were made for one another,
I hope you take good care of him,
Just like his dear old mother.

To show how much he loves you,
Especailly on this day,
Your father did not have the heart
To give his girl away.

He left that up to his dad,
Who performed without a hitch,
So proves the old adage is wrong,
You CAN teach old dog new tricks.

True friendship is like honey,
Be friends with one another,
But don't forget that there's a friend
Who sticks closer than a brother.

So here's to Aileen and 'Oor Will'
I ask all in this room
To be upstanding, raise your glass,
And toast the 'bride and groom'.