Sunday, 10 July 2011


There they sit in solitude
What's going on in their mind?
A treasure chest of knowledge
Of a very different kind.

Years of vast experience.
Has it all been in vain?
To find themselves alone here,
Oft' despondent, oft' in pain.

But though they're in their own world
Not knowing time or day,
They show signs of contentment,
Though their minds will often stray.

With memories of good old days,
Re-living days long past,
They're in their second childhood
Though their years have gone so fast.

But who are we to grumble
About this aged race?
In thirty, twenty years hence,
We may well be in their place.

Care for them with thoughtfullness
And cherish them with love,
You too will find contentment
'Til you reach your home above.