Sunday, 10 July 2011


Ten thousand miles across the world,
So far and yet so near,
From rising sun to where it sets,
Remember "I AM" here.

Though times you may feel lonely,
And you miss your friends so dear,
Just turn and talk to Jesus,
Remember, He is near.

When language seems a burden,
And you miss the A-Z.
Communication's vital,
Remember what He said.

"With you I will be always
Until the end of time"
Don't think that He'll desert you,
Remember, He's sublime.

When satan gets too tight a grip
And you need him kept at bay,
You'll always have one weapon,
Remember, you can pray.

Your family life's a witness,
On that, you'll be judged too,
By those within that nation, but
Remember, He's with you.

So when you feel downhearted
Remember that we care,
And though we're half a world away,
Remember, He is there.