Friday, 22 July 2011


At last I've reached retirement age,
My working days are done,
But I am still quite young at heart
Not to miss out on fun.

The boys are educated now
And that is a relief,
If only they would hurry up
And find themselves a wife.

Stephen is a solicitor,
Mark, an aspiring judge,
Now maybe Frank and I will get
Our home in quaint Banbridge.

Perhaps we'll get to travelling
That surely is no sin
I'll go back to those Turkish Baths
With Kitty, Frank and Jim.

So no more on the night shift,
That really was a curse,
But on the whole I think I've been
A pretty good nightnurse.

So now that I'm retiring, I'll
Take things a little slower,
I will have time to sit and muse
And think of work no more.
Yes, I'll have time to sit and muse
Or help Frank with the mower.

However, after all's been said,
My uniform's still out,
For knowing Sarah Wallace well
I'll be called back, no doubt.