Tuesday, 12 July 2011


The headlines read "It's Over"
But we are not so sure,
Is this another tactic,
Another means to lure
Us into false security,
To break the barrier down,
A means to get what they think
Is theirs, by right, to own?

The troops are moving out now,
But this just brings to mind
Echoes of their old demands,
"Troops out", 'out of our land'.
They've got their first concession,
But STILL, they demand more,
"Open up cross-border roads
To the state they were before"

The Irish and Americans
Think the solution will be theirs,
If only they would learn to keep
Out of British affairs.
They get still more concessions,
But what have they to give?
They could yield up their weapons
And let their country's men live

But no!, 'Negotiations' is all they have in mind,
And they are not prepared to wait
'Til a settlement is signed.
So for our children's children
A solution we must find.