Friday, 22 July 2011

Farewell to Marie

"Goodbye", it seems so final,
And yes, we've said a few,
But never did we think that we
Would say 'Goodbye' to you

Eight years of service given
And always with a smile,
Ne'er a cross word spoken,
It's really not your style.

Ne'er a cross word spoken,
But that is not to say
Ne'er a crossword finished
If Marie had her way.

We don't know how we'll manage,
We really hate to nag,
But whate'er will poor Sam do
If no one clears his bag?

Matronhood, it beckons
And all that we can say
Is Burnbrae's loss is Ashwood's gain
Now Marie's going away.

So farewell to nurse Marie,
We'll ever think of you,
But 'goodbye' seems so final,
So we'll just say "adieu"