Thursday, 10 January 2013

BETHANY & JOHN July 11th 2009

Tune: O Tannenbaum

We come today to celebrate,
The forming of a family,
We heard you vow to love, obey,
These vows you made so calmly.
Promised your love to ‘have and hold’
May this love blossom, ne’er grow cold
And may you in God’s will abide,
That He will bless you warmly.

     Congratulations we express,
        With joy that is eternal,
Peace for the future, hope, delight,
In these, your years so vernal,
So Beth and John we give to you
Support, as life you start anew,
Within our prayers you’ll ever be,
For blessings, all supernal.

So now you start as man and wife,
At times there’ll be frustrations,
Just take it to the Lord above,
That He will grant you patience,
And then in time we pray that you,
Some gifts from heaven will be due,
The Oleyar family will have grown,
here will be jubilations.
                                                Colin Ross