Saturday, 5 January 2013

BRIAN & JENNY July 11th 2009

                                                      Tune: BEAUTIFUL DREAMER

We have just witnessed love in the air,
Here at the union of this happy pair,
We heard you vow to “have and to hold”
May this love blossom and never grow cold.
 Congratulations, we wish you well,
Peace for the future, with joy to excel
And for each other, may you bestow
Love never ending, as pure as the snow,
Love everlasting, a love that will grow.

Now you begin as husband and wife,
  Times you will notice that there will be strife.
Learn how to compromise and forgive,
 Then in sweet harmony, you both will live.
 And as a melody sweet and true
Blends with another, to make music new,
You will be blest with gifts from above,
Jenny and Brian, we wish you both love,
Brian and Jenny, we shower you with love.

                                                                Colin Ross