Friday, 4 January 2013

The Diamond Years

From Portglenone and Fenagh
Two families did entwine
The day when Mary did respond
To Jack's "Will you be mine?"

They started off by parting,
As Jack went off to war,
And as a new bride, May returned
To life, as 'twas before.

She knew it was his duty,
She said she didn't mind,
For Jack, on cold dark winter's nights,
This young bride must have pined.

At end of war, while on home leave,
May, feeling less forlorn,
They made up for lost time, and soon
Their number one was born.

A second boy, then came again,
Patter of tiny feet,
And when their daughter had been born,
Their family was complete.

They headed off to go out west
In nineteen sixty three,
Aboard th'Empress of Canada,
With six weeks on the sea.

Across th'Atlantic, many times,
They travelled to and fro,
Both taking off and landing at
Belfast and Toronto.

Now sixty years have passed them by
Since they both said "I do"
And still their love remains as strong
As 'twas in 'forty two'