Friday, 4 January 2013

Janet & Jeff [October 16 2009]

Over there at Sunlife,
There’s more than just finance,
The rumours, they are flying,
Regarding a romance.

A senior underwriter
And an associate,
Been getting very  friendly,
Though not yet , intimate.

Now Jeff, the underwriter,
He has become quite tame
By one, Miss Janet Morris,
And now, she’s changed her name.

Two years they have been dating,
From each, they’ve learnt a lot,
Now in their mid – late twenties,
They have just tied the knot.

And just to be quite certain
That Janet said ‘I do’,
Our Jeffery got down on one knee,
In the park, at Waterloo.

But what about this couple,                         
Of them, what do we know?
What ‘tit-bits’ can we carry?
What gossip can we sow?  

Jeff was a child, artistic,
No need of paint remover,
Though, had two ’maginary friends,
One Kinver, th’other Doover.                                                   
He’s always been so cautious,
Would never take Steve’s dares,
In tears, he told his mother
“I ALMOST  fell downstairs”

Now Janet is the youngest,
Two brothers and one sis,
On car rides down towards Windsor,
She’d chat ‘bout that and this.

While sitting in the back seat,
Her siblings, counting sheep,
Her father loved the chatter,
‘Cause mom did also sleep.

They have a house, - four bedrooms,
At present, prim and neat,
Just wait until they fill it,
Not paws, but tiny feet.

So as you start together,
This state, we recommend,
And from all these, here gathered,
Our love to you we send.
                                   Colin Ross