Monday, 7 January 2013

You are my Love

           {To the tune Londonderry Air}

You are my pal, my confidant, companion,
You give me hope, when all is in despair,
When in the valley, raise me high to mountain top,
And build me up, when no-one else would care.
When through life's journey, hand in hand we'll travel,
I'll tell the world, I'm yours and you are mine,
Together overcoming toils and trials,
In harmony two independant worlds combine.

I dread the dawn, if I am left without you,
If you should go and I am all alone,
And so each day,you'll be my boast, my one desire
Throughout the world, my love for you is known.
You are my friend, I could not live apart from you,
My joy, my hope, the one whom I adore,
You are my love, I'll cherish you eternally,
And so each hour, my dear, on you my love I'll pour.