Saturday, 5 January 2013

My Neighbour

My neighbour is so precious, so suave and dignified,
 The one who’s always there for me, who shows a caring side,
She’s fun and full of laughter, a joy to be around,
I really am quite blessed, that such a girl I’ve found

         She ‘perks’ me up when weary, and lifts me high, when sad,
               To me, she’s like a daughter,  the one I never had.
                 She studied hard at college and gained her E.C.E.
          Preschoolers was her forte, performed her work with glee.

                  A quarter of a century, she’s worked at ‘Little lamb’
 With all those impish rascals, she still remained quite calm,
But now she is retiring, with time for her and Bri’.
And ANYONE who needs her, to help you, she will try.

   Though she’ll remain quite busy, with bake sales, choir and church,
 If someone needs her service, she’ll not leave them in the lurch.
Now this is just to thank you, for ALL you know, agree,
You’ve been a treasured neighbour, beloved ‘angel’ to me.