Friday, 4 January 2013

Little Willie

Little Willie, don't you know,
Tripped and spilt his grandma's po'
Though the carpet's ruined now,
Will stood up and took a bow.

Will, the porridge, thought he'd make,
Ended up, an 'oatmeal cake'
Sliced it up and served with tea,
He's taken orders now for three.

Little Willie mowed the lawn,
O'er the flowerbed - it's now gone,
Mother scolded at his deeds,
Now he's out there planting seeds.

Willie climbed a tree one day,
Sun was hidden, clouds were grey,
Started raining - 'just like that'
Will 'rived home as drowned as rat.

Little Willie stayed in bed
Started sneezing - cold in head,
And while he's doing not a thing,
Mother treats him like a king.

Little Willie's back at school,
He studies hard, yet acts the fool
Though Willie doesn't know it yet,
He has been named 'teachers pet'