Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kim's Tribute

       {To the tune Theme from a Summer Place}

Time, has come too soon,
When we must say ‘adieu’
To a girl we knew,
Who we love, who we adore,
She reads her score
with ease
And will never cease
to outshine
Like the sun.

We’re going to miss your charm,
With your outstretched arm
While you lead your men.

As we let you go
We’ll hide our tears for you,
Though ‘tis hard to do,
For your smile
Melts our hearts
All the while.

Now, the time is here,
We hope you will return
For our hearts will yearn
’Til we see your face anew
And hear you’ve come to stay
When our hearts like a
Candle's glim
Wont go dim
For our Kim.
                                                             Colin Ross