Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Silver Years [Chris & Becky]

The thirty first of March
In nineteen eighty four
Rebecca Mitchell’s life was changed.
'Twas changed for evermore.

For that’s the day she married
The sweetheart of her life
Chris Perkins and Rebecca
     Became husband and wife.  

Now Chris’ taste is perfect
 The best would only do,
 And so a lass from Exeter
Was th’one he did pursue

 That’s not where he did meet her,
But here, in Waterloo, 
     Then at St. Michaels, Becky’s church,  
Is where they said “I do”

Rebecca sauntered down the aisle
Adorned in white, with veil,
And there she stood beside her love 
With grey top hat and tail.

It wasn’t always rosy,
For this big strapping hunk
Just ask his dear old mother
’Bout a run-in with a skunk.

Two daughters’ fine and dandy
A credit to you both
A bonus from your union
When you did pledge your troth

The years have hastily vanished
And so we give three cheers
The Mitchell / Perkins union
Has reached the silver years
                                      Colin Ross