Saturday, 5 January 2013

Robyn & Eric

She studies bones and muscles
I know that’s pretty vague                                        
This girl from Waterloo, who
Was born as Robyn Haig.
She’s pretty, fit and nifty,
At softball, she’s an ace,
To Wayne State University
This game won her a place.
While there, she met her Eric,
A young Toledo guy,
Quite soon it was realized that
By her, he’d aye stand by.

 Now Eric, is a sportsman,             
 A game of golf, enjoys,
 But when it comes to Robyn
 He’ll put away his toys.

 And so the date for marriage,
 June twenty seventh, set,
 Where, at the Detroit Yacht Club,
 These two, form one duet.

 It’s been a grand occurrence
 Five maidens for the bride,
 All radiant in fuchsia
 And standing by her side.

 She studies bones and muscles,
 So it would just be right,
 The place she was proposed to
 Was ‘Fishbones’, in Detroit

 So when she starts employment
 As an osteopathic,
 The name above her door will
 Be Robyn Kirkpatrick

 We send congratulations,
 Had not planned to attend,
 From nan and pompa Perkins,
 Your neighbour and your friend..
                                   Colin Ross