Monday, 7 January 2013

Matt & Melissa 10 yrs on

Who’d have thought that a night in town
A farewell, goodnight kiss,
A decade later, you’d be here
Celebrating bliss.

Remember well th’autumnal day
A day etched in your mind
When vows were made to love and care
And to each other, bind.

Melissa Bruinsma changed her name
To Mrs. Matthew Haig,
I guess you’ll both be old and grey
Before this memory’s vague.

And now you have been blessed with two,
A son and daughter fair,
Your love for them is equal to
The love you both declare.

You’re busy with their sport and dance
And all their little bits
At least you don’t have wasted time
Taking ‘Molly’ to the ‘Ritz’

You’re not a private couple though,
Your friends, your life will share
Or in the warm Dominican sun
You’ll rest, without a care.

So now, these first ten years have passed
And like a flash, they’re spent,
The bond you share together, show
Your love is evident.