Friday, 11 January 2013


                   This girl has been my partner,                  I have not known her very long,
                   My friend, most of my life,                       I know her through my mamma
                   But most of all, I’m proud to say             Quite soon though, I’ll be sharing her,
                   She’s my beloved WIFE.                       To me, she is my GRANDMA.

                   She’s there for all her family,                  We’ve known her various lengths of time
                   Like her, there is non other,                    On her we can depend,
                   A confidante and trusted pal                   We’ve worked, had fun and spent some time
                   To us, she is our MOTHER                  To us, she is a FRIEND.

                  We’ve loved her since before her birth,    So now this girl, who special is,
                  As any parent ought to,                            Her titles, she’ll defend,
                 We loved her then, we love her now,        Of  WIFE and MOTHER, DAUGHTER great,
                She is our precious DAUGHTER.            Of SISTER, GRANDMA, FRIEND.

                We might have had our differences,           But one more title she has earned,
                At times would not have missed her,         ’Twill last in years, just ten,
                But blood has ties that can’t be broke,       Since five decades have passed, she’s a
                She’ll always be our SISTER.                  QUINQUAGENARIAN
                                                                                                                           Colin Ross