Saturday, 5 January 2013


Sensitive and caring, these traits you do best show, 
Helping with your brother, means more than you will know, 
Youthful, yet so ‘adult’ we’ve seen this young girl grow.
Adapting to new settings, acclimatized so well,
Normality was changing, your fears you did dispel,            
Now a mid teenager, at school you did excel.  
Anticipating adulthood, you’ve grown up so fast,
Learning skills, dexterity, agility to last,
Yearning for perfection, absorbing from the past.
Naturally stunning, your beauty is defined,
Notably your loveliness with purity, was lined,  
Looking quite exquisite, unique, one of a kind.
Interested in juggling and folding paper, art,
Tenderness a-plenty is oozing from your heart,
Caringly and lovingly accomplishing your part.
Hoping now for guidance, a purpose to fulfill,
Future plans, uncertain, in life, to do His will,
Ideally, in the missions, relying on Him, still.
Enjoying time with family and friends along the way,
Loving, as you’re loved, throughout each single day,
Deepening your faith and vision, as you pray.                            
                                                                                                   Colin Ross