Saturday, 5 January 2013


The world will never be allowed
To e'er forget that day,
When numerous thousand families mourned,
If media have their say.

Because, it was AMERICA,
That 'powerful', 'greatest land',
The place where wealth and riches
Are as tiny grains of sand.

But what about poor Bali
Israel, Palestine
Or even Northern Ireland,
And others down that line?

They're not remembered year 'pon year,
Is their grief not the same
Or those, by buying bombs and guns,
America helped to maim?

Oh yes, 'twas an atrocity
But then, life must go on
And let us live it to the full
Enjoying each chronon.

Let families mourn in privacy,
As likely, all year through,
They miss and grieve their lost and loved,
Like most of us would do.