Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Golden Years {Murray & June}

 The Golden Years

It was a simple gathering
Down at the I.G.C.
The first of  such assemblies
This growing church would see.

Attendants complimenting
The bride, in white arrayed,
Though eyes were all on Bonnie,
As cute ‘princess’ she  played.

So June, a young teenager,
With brother, Gord, beside,
Came down the aisle to Murray,
As his resplendent bride.

Now Murray had a ‘Skipper’
To tell him what to do,
To ensure his older brother
Would make his promise true.

And there, the Pastor Emmerson
United them in love,
In front of  friends and family,
Before their Lord above.

Then ‘next door’ they all sauntered,
To enjoy a simple meal,
The guests, with one intention,
Their wedding day to seal.

Now,  parents of three children,
Grand parents, - even ‘great’,
True love is e’er apparent,
In their world, there’s no hate.

As now we can behold,
The Green to Kuehl commitment,
Has finally reached the GOLD.
                                                Colin Ross