Sunday, 30 December 2012


     Debonair and dapper while clad in fine attire,
 Anticipating beauty, the one of his desire,
 Now the music beckons, the Bridal March resounds,
 In apparel radiant, her beauty, all, astounds.
 Entrance is preceded by dazzling maidens fair,
 Love is so apparent, it’s noted everywhere. 

 After vows are witnessed, a promise made for life,
     Next the declaration, “pronounce you man and wife”
 Down the years together, a clan of boys on tow,

 Knitting them in harmony and love, as they did grow,
 Impassioned and adoring, with a love that’s strong,
 Married now, the ‘’Silver Years’, though 
                           doesn’t seem that  long.
                                                                                                    Colin Ross
September 26th   1987 – 2012
Coppins /Porlier