Saturday, 29 December 2012


They say that life's a miracle,
This, Sylvia would agree,
For many 'miracles' she observed,
And each, a 'joie de vie'.

But miracles happen all the time,
They are not always small,
The fact that Syl. will wed big Al.
Is the biggest one of all.

An eligible 'bachelor-girl'
We thought she'd never wed,
Until this 'Aussie' she did meet
And pledged to share his bed.

But not of course until that ring
Was firmly fixed in place,
Would she dare enter his boudoir
To fluff his pillowcase.

The day that Alec did propose
Would've been a sight to see,
Al. struggling to get back up
From 'pon his wounded knee.

It's said that opposites attract
So is it any wonder
Since Sylvia's from northern 'sphere,
That Alec's from 'down under'.

Though Alec's Sylvia's blue-eyed boy,
We can't turn that around,
'Cause Sylvia has but one blue eye,
The other, is it brown?

Congratulations Sylvia,
And let us not be vague,
For very soon you will be known
As Mrs. Alec Craig.