Saturday, 15 December 2012

Barry's Life

Thirteenth of September '37
Was born a babe so mild,
The only son of Eva and Bert,
And I was their first child.

I grew up in the 'toe' of England,
The land of Devon Cream
And that idyllic lifestyle
Is really such a dream.

Whenever school was finished,
The army was my call
And travelling around the world
I really had a ball.

To Germany, Australia,
The Carribean too,
The comradship I witnessed there
Is something I'll not rue.

Whenever we got married,
They showered us with rice,
And so we did it all again,
Yes, we got married twice.

I said I grew up in England
Where it is so sunny and warm,
The summer sun and radient flowers
For me, was just the norm.

I settled down in Ulster
With Pat and our big son,
With twentyeight years in the forces
My working days are done.

So now that I'm retiring,
Of free time, I'll have hours,
So I will spend my leisure
In the greenhouse, with my flowers.