Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Tame Game

There is a game this tutor plays,
To us it's all hard slog,
At first we don't know where to go,
Like driving home through fog.

But then this tutor takes control
And through the fog, does steer,
Within an instant, it has gone
And everything's quite clear.

Like enzymes with their active cells
Denatured by tense heat,
Amoebas, pseudo podium,
Or two of them, - false feet?

Mitosis and meiosis
Division of a cell
But with this tutors knowledge
We grasp it very well.

To keep all things in balance,
That's homeostosis
When all's in equilibrium,
Then everything's sheer bliss.

And then there is the microscope,
Electron, not, - just light,
But viewing microbes through that lens
Is such an awesome sight.

Her phenotype is 'curvy'
And yes, she likes her food,
But when she gets to teaching
She's really very good.

Although she's merely five foot five,
It's not a great amount,
'Specially, since in biology
She tells us 'size does count'

She'd like to have a 'liquid lunch'
That surely is no sin,
But her H2O consists of
Hydro and Oxy-GIN.

And so, I hear you ask of me,
"What is this tutors name?"
Why, it's none other than the best,
Our own dear Barbara Tame.