Thursday, 27 December 2012

Armies Loves

'Twas early summer, late in May,
In '29, the year,
To Bill and Georgie, there was born
A darling son so dear.

They knew not what to call him, so
They gave him family names,
But "Armstrong Haveron"  was not right,
And so they added 'James'.

He started work in Gallaghers
In 1944,
And as the 'post-boy', he'd be found
A-pacing every floor.

An incident in '76,
For better, changed his life,
When J.V.N. Parkinson did
Consent to be his wife.

Though Valerie is years younger,
Armie is really smart,
'Cause marrying a younger girl
Has kept him young at heart.

Though this relationship evolved,
There was another 'one'
His other pride and joy was his
Beloved teenage son.

But he has yet another love
As everybody has,
And that's the love he has for song,
He really loves his jazz.

Another love we must include,
His avid love of sport,
The cup displayed was won for his
Great skill, on the squash court.

So now he is a husband true,
A father and granddad,
Val, Peter, Pam and their two girls
Make Armies life so glad.

Now he has reached three score and ten
And looking rather well,
In San Diego, he'll be found
With Robert and Hazel.