Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Family

"Goodbye", - it seems so final,
This choir has said a few,
But really, it is very hard
To say 'goodbye' to you.

O'er the silver years of singing,
Enjoying each low note,
And even when the music by
Our George, had been 'rewrote'.

When in mid song, he'll gulder
"You're hissing like a snake"
"Someone, their notes are sliding"
"Too many breaths you take"

To me, the choir's a family
Where friendships we did forge,
And all under the leadership
Of my 'big brother' George.

Is this a day historic George?
I see you look enthralled,
For this must be the first time e'er
That 'BIG', you have been called.

This 'family' is extended,
With aunts and uncles too,
Time has its limitations
So I'll mention just a few.

The first is aunty Jean McBride,
She's known me ages long,
Why, she knew me when she was still
My aunty Jean Armstrong.

How could I forget uncle George?
He's known me quite some time,
Since he and his new bride moved in
Next door, to 'forty nine'

There's Jeannie, our librarian,
A thankless task, no doubt,
With head in drawer she'll oft be found
A-hokin' music out.

And then of course there's Dorothy,
My colleague in the verse,
Perhaps she could do better, 'cause
She sure could do no worse.

There's stories of three legged dogs,
And Tommy's 'oul straw hat'
If ever I feel homesick,
I'll just remember that.

This family has its elders,
I'm thinkinig of 'Big John'
A special 'farwell' to you
From your 'self adopted son'.

So farewell choir family,
I'll think of you with love,
And should we ne'er sing here again,
We'll sing in Heaven above.

Don't make this any harder
For really hard it is,
But I must follow on with
My dear beloved, Liz.

As we conclude our packing,
'Twill be a great relief
When eventually we settle down
In the land of 'Maple leaf'

So 'farewell' tenors, altos,
Sopranos, basses too,
But 'goodbye' seems so final,
So I'll just say ''adieu''.