Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ode to Brode

There is a guy at college,
And yes, he teaches me
On Wednesday, room 214,
He's there from 2 - 3.

He's rather tall and bearded
And he looks fairly fit,
Yet I am led to understand
He can be quite a wit.

You'll find him oft. at Tesco's
He spends his money wise,
But people steal his trolly
With all his 'special buys'.

Ecology's his subject,
His special interest too,
Ask about the Game Reserve
And he'll educate you.

He dearly wants an E-Mail,
But that was weeks ago
And how I'm going to do it
I really do not know.

And yet I'm going to have to,
You see, his law does say
I cannot progress further
If I do not obey.

And if I do not progress,
I cannot loose my leash,
In years to come, he will find me
Still looking for my niche.

You see