Friday, 28 December 2012

Widow's Dirge

It may be ten long months ago
Whene'er my heart did break,
You were not ill, complained of nought,
Yet God, your life did take.

I was not there to say goodbye,
Our lives we'll now not share,
The emptiness I feel inside
Is tormentuous to bear.

The day we laid you down to rest,
With broken heart, I cried,
Though painfully, I held it back,
I wished I too, had died.

But now you've left me so alone,
Asunder, my life's torn,
I dread the coming of new dawn,
I'm feeling so forlorn.

Your photographs are all arouond,
Evoking lost memories,
Though you will aye be in my thoughts,
With time, the pain might ease.

Ten months have passed; I've come to terms,
I know you'll ne'er return,
But as I spend this long first year,
Your comp'ny I still yearn.