Saturday, 22 December 2012

Childhood Years

In just nine months, a bundle of joy,
A cross 'tween mum and dad,
Their simple trust, their innocence too
Makes every parent glad.

We watch each stage of development,
Reactions, all innate,
Their every 'first' etched deep in our mind,
And noting every date.

First smile, first word and then their first step,
Their first wee pair of shoes,
In years to come, when we recollect,
They'll chase away our blues.

We watch with joy and awe as they ape
Our actuions, in their play,
He copies his dad, and she, her mum,
Their various traits display.

Psychologists say that's how they learn,
So let them have their play,
Their childhood years are some of the best,
Don't wish their lives away.

At four or five, they look so grown up,
As they go out to school,
And as they learn to read and to write,
They show us they're no fool.

So cherish all those happy moments,
They're gifts from God above,
And ponder just how lucky you are,
Then shower them with your love.