Thursday, 27 December 2012


I'm hungry, so on you I'll leap,
Even though you are asleep,
My tail, your face, it will upsweep.

My phenotype is quite crinite
And since I have an appetite,
I will ensure you get upright.

You see, there's nothing in my bowl,
No cat-flap, so I cannot stroll
Outside, to fine me mole or vole.

And so, on you, I must depend,
For by myself, I cannot fend,
'Cause I'm your helpless feline friend.


At last, you're up, - I'll get my meal,
This really was a great ordeal,
But then, I hear that can unseal.

I smell my food, my tastebuds burst,
And to my bowl I dash - headfirst
As in my dreams I had rehearsed.