Friday, 28 December 2012

Blind Vision

I cannot see the beauty
That for granted, others take,
The cloudless sky in summer,
Or the stillness of the lake.

The leas, adorned with colour
By the 'drops and bells of blue,
The spider's webs that glisten
With the sheen of morning dew.

But I have got a vision
That is special just to me,
A sense of inner beauty,
Let me tell you what I see.

The flowers, like an altar
Send an incense in the air,
The lavander and 'suckle
Growing wildly everywhere.

The music of the river
Speedily ripples past my way,
I hear it singing to me
As with pebbles it does play.

I feel the wind so gentle
Like a kiss upon my face,
The sticky thread from spiders
As they weave their webs of lace.

Then on my lips, the raindrops,
As they fall on me, barefaced,
Send innermost revival
With a fresh enriching taste.

Yes, I have got a vision
That 'most anyone can see,
A sensual arousal
That you too can share with me.