Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Last Goodnight

It may be ten long months ago
Whene'er my heart did break,
You were not ill, complained of nought,
Yet God, your life did take.

If I had known a year ago
'Twould be our last Noel,
I would have filled your life with joy
Before we said farewell.

Ten months have passed, I've come to terms,
I know you wont return,
But as I spend this lone Noel,
Your company I yearn.

Family and friends, elated are,
Their Christmas, full of fun,
While here I sit, a lonesome soul,
Thinking of only one.

So spare a thought for those who'll spend
A Christmas blue, not white,
For who's to know when you may say
A final, long 'goodnight'