Sunday, 30 December 2012


 Over there in England, in the neighbourhood of Lee,
 A tiny babe, in ’61, increased our family.
 Almost eight pound, an ideal birth, you joined your dad and I,
 Reflecting back with fondness brings a teardrop to my eye.
  Now as a child, most children do, you questioned this and that,
  Though quite persistent in your ways, you wanted things ‘down pat’.   
  A year at school in England and then you said ‘farewell’
  To all your friends, when we all moved to western shores so swell.
   Within five years of moving, you showed a talent rare,
   A local ‘Scot’ the bagpipes taught, you had a natural flair,
   This music plays a vital role for Christopher today,
   The Police band has the honour, to have this piper play.

    While still a late teenager, ‘old England’, your heart, ate,
    And so you traveled back alone, whilst there, you joined the ‘Met’.
     ‘Lone ranger’ and in ‘cruiser’ you loved that high speed life,
      Returning, after seven years, accompanied by your wife.
   Another role, quite serious is that, of ‘parenthood’,
   Your daughters mean the world to you, with them, you’re awfully good.
   A caring lad and thoughtful, this nature, you’ve become,
    I am delighted and o’erjoyed to hear you call me, “mum”.

     So now five decades later, your excellence has shown,
     ‘Superintendent’ is your role, within the Halton zone.
      You’re earnest in your workspace, in ‘you’, you have believed,
      Both dad and I’ve been very proud of all that you’ve achieved.