Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ooh Matron

The time has come, the day is nigh,
When we who toiled must say 'goodbye'
With fondness, we'll remember aye
The years that we spent at 'Burnbrae'.

But let us take a closer look
At matron, nurse and oft'times, cook,
The one in charge of personnel,
So many hats, she wore them well.

In '74, not yet eighteen,
Still pretty young, though not so green,
To Belfast she did move, from Toome,
Lived close to Judy Houston's room.

The second floor in Musgrave Park,
No doubt, these young girls had a lark,
Areton Street, her next abode,
Whilst there, increased her study load.

At 'Royal Vic' the aged she nursed,
As fully trained, this was her first,
Then off to Knockagh Court she went,
With Hazel's mother, time, she spent.

Then Hal and Hazel hatched a plot
Some premises they had just bought,
And so to Burnbrae, Sarah came,
As matron, she, employed by them.

A personal trainer she employed,
And many workouts she enjoyed,
Each antic heard by one and all
Of every hour she spent with Paul.

Six years ago she changed her role,
Which put her in complete control
But now the home has closed its doors,
No more the stench of old bedsores.

Yes, now the home, it's doors have closed,
Therefore this poem has been composed,
What's done, I hope you wont regret,
And of your staff?, please don't forget.