Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Britains Best?

Britain?, Well it used to be Great,
That "Great British Empire"
Other nations did us respect,
Our power, they did aspire.

Our kings, our queens, palaces grand,
Also the 'House of Lords'
Brought different peoples to our land,
They came in throngs and hoards.

They came, but they went not away,
Their culture brought also,
Britain with her e'er open door
Helped foreign cultures grow.

Then we the "Common Market" joined,
That was a grave mistake,
What benefits have we enjoyed?
We give, while others take.

Passports of old, they are no more,
Now joined with the E.U.
Sterling, once strong, they want removed,
And British cars are few.

What next?, Our culture's disappeared,
Our heritage will fade,
Governments say "It's for the best"
But errors, they have made.

But yet there's still ONE thing we have,
They can't take this away,
Something that now is in the past,
And that's our history.